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Eliyahu Alpern Israel Panoramic Photography

"Mystic Mountain"

This is an image of sunset over the Mount Meron range which I shot from the roof of my studio in Tzfat, Mystic Mountain Studio. Mount Meron is the burial place of many ancient teachers and mystics of the Jewish People including Shimon Bar Yochai, author of The Zohar, the main text of the Kabbalah, and Hillel the Elder one of the greatest teachers in history. The tiny black specks you see in the image are not dust particles, they are birds flying over Nahal Amud, the Amud River Bed.

Limited Edition of 36 , 80 x 60 cm signed, numbered prints on Archival Fine Art Paper


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"All prints are hand produced by myself, in my own studio, with the best in archival media and inks and utmost care" - Eliyahu


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