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israelVR.com - israelVR is a website created by photographers, educators, guides, and media designers, showcasing places, mainly in Israel, in virtual reality using linked panoramic photos, still photographs, text and more. This website also showcases the work of various photographers, writers, filmakers and other artists.

Peacemakers Community - The Purpose of the Peacemaker Community is to create a more peaceful world in which all beings sense with joy the underlying mystery and unity of life, acting with compassion toward each other and all life; see with open hearts and minds when there is suffering, and act with compassion to heal that suffering.

PrimalDigital - PRIMALDIGITAL is a balancing act between the primal and the digital. PRIMALDIGITAL is subversion by immersion. African drums mixed with digital beats. An old piano with sampled sounds of a televangelist. A lost child in the supermarket of the information superhighway. The knowledge that everything can be broken down to zeros and ones. Being in awe and frightened of what we have created, but enjoying the ride. PRIMALDIGITAL is a way to create, edit and process ideas on a common platform. PRIMALDIGITAL holds no illusion that it is NOT illusion. PRIMALDIGITAL uses tools and talent to transform "reality". PRIMALDIGITAL is primal and digital simultaneously, full of dillemmas and contradictions PRIMALDIGITAL is an endless sleigh ride on the wings of a jaded beast. (From the Primal Digital Manifesto)

MultiBrowser.com - MultiBrowser's split-screen technology makes it easier than ever to view/retrieve multiple web sites or files at the same time--on the same screen. This lets you multi-task without having to open and size separate windows and/or software applications.



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