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The Rockefeller Center Die In

There is not doubt in my mind that this war is wrong. Sadaam maybe should go...Has he attacked us? I can't remember anymore. I do know for a fact that many powerful people will make a lot of money off of this, many people will die, we will loose freedoms and civil liberties in the U.S., Iraqi nationals will be detained here (not unlike the Japanese in WW2), the people of Iraq will suffer, there will be unexpected consequences, there will be great enviornemntal damage,,,and the list goes on.

Here are pictures from the "Die In" civil disbodience action on 5th Ave in front of Rockefeller Center (49-50th). I didn't want to get arrested but I did want to see with my own eyes what is going on in the streets and document it. I got into the street and blocked traffic with my presence for a little while but did not lie down. Maybe another day...

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