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Eliyahu Alpern Israel Panoramic Photography

Old City of Jerusalem Panorama from Mount of Olives

"The Shuk: Machaneh Yehudah"

The Shuk: Machane Yehuda is a 360-degree image of Jerusalem’s famous outdoor market.  No visit to Jerusalem is complete without a trip to the Shuk – a boisterous, colorful, friendly hub of commercial abundance where everyone is encouraged to touch, taste, and bargain.  In recent years, older more established merchants have been joined by a younger generation of entrepreneurs.  Today, densely packed stalls overflowing with food, clothes, and housewares are interspersed with charming cafés, trendy boutiques, and juice bars that share the market with synagogues, ethnic restaurants, and backgammon parlors.  

Established at the end of the nineteenth century to serve the needs of the growing Jewish population that had relocated outside the old city walls, Machane Yehuda continues to serve thousands of Jerusalem residents and visitors each day.  This panoramic image was shot in the autumn of 5762 (2001); it offers a unique perspective not normally available to the human eye. 


Printed on canvas.

250 x 37 cm : $750

200 x 30 : $650

150 x 22 : $450

100 x 15 : $250

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