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Eliyahu Alpern Israel Panoramic Photography

Nimrod Fortress Panorama

"Nimrod Fortress"

Nimrod Fortress is a Crusader Era castle constructed by the nephew of Sultan Saladin around 1229 to fortify Damascus against a Crusader attack. It was named Qala'at al-Subeiba, "Castle of the Large Cliff" in Arabic. Shortly aftrwards, it was expanded to encompass the entire cliff. During the Ottoman period, the castle was used as a luxury prison for Ottoman nobles in exile. The castle acquired it’s current name from Druze who came to the area around 1860. The fortress was eventually abandoned and is now managed by the Israel National Parks.

In this panorama, we are looking towards the southwest, over the fortress into the Hula Valley. This image was shot early one winter morning as I was on my way to ski in Mount Hermon. You can see the early morning fog in the lower part of the valley.


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