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Eliyahu Alpern Israel Panoramic Photography

Mayim Hayim, (C) 2012 ELiyahu Alpern

"Mayim Hayim"

Our tradition tells us that when King David was digging the foundation for the Beit HaMikdash (the 1st Holy Temple) he came upon the "Mei HaTehom" (the Waters of the Depths). These are the very waters which HaShem created and separated during the creation of the universe as told in Sefer Beresheet (Genesis). When King David uncovered these waters, they started flowing out uncontrollably. In order to stop the ensuing chaos, he carved the Holy Name of HaShem on a stone and threw it into the water, at which point, the Mei HaTehom subsided.

The prophets Ezekiel and Isaiah foretell that in the Days to Come these waters will begin to flow again from under the Temple Mount, filling the empty river beds and valleys cleansing and bringing life to Jerusalem and the desert and the world. The waters will be so deep that Jerusalem will be surrounded by a flood and a sea up to the point that even ships will pass by! The water will flow even down to the Dead Sea, cleansing and healing it and transforming it into the "Living Sea".

This beautiful prophecy subconsciously inspired this image, which I created before even thinking about these stories. This image is a representation of Jerusalem in the center of the Mayim Hayim, surrounded by the Waters of Life.

I am producing the large version of this print in a limited edition of 360. Lowest numbered print available right now is 26.

Canvas prints availble in the following Sizes (W x H):

95 x 50 cm (numbered/limited): $650

50 x 26 cm: $200

To Order Email Me for a credit card/PayPal invoice.

all prices are print only and do not include shipping, framing or stretching

"All canvas prints are hand produced by myself, in my own studio, with the best in archival media and inks and utmost care" - Eliyahu






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